About Eric Baird

Eric Baird founded MyUS.com – then known as Access USA – in Sarasota Florida in the late 90s. The company started as a mail forwarding operation and grew into a company that specialized in shipping American products to customers all over the world. Baird credits his successful inaugural entrepreneurship to his mother, who was herself an innovator and business owner.

Access USA began as an idea mentioned in passing during dinner between the two. As the idea grew, Eric Baird realized that it was time to make it a reality. So with a $30,000 loan and free advertising space in Shop the World by Mail – his mother’s catalog – he was able to establish his company in a 700 square-foot office off of U.S. 41. Over the next 15 years, Eric Baird grew MyUS.com into a global operation with over 400,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

His innovation and insight earned him the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009 – an honor bestowed by the Review. Then, in July of 2012, on his 43rd birthday, Eric Baird sold MyUS.com. At the time of his departure, the company was valued at $200 million. Baird took his shrewd business acumen and global connections and started a new venture – Baird Inc.

Baird Inc. is an investment company that specializes in senior-secured and asset-based lending. The mission of Baird Inc. is to alter the trajectory of growing small businesses by injecting their processes with much-needed cash flow. The investment company is industry-agnostic. Instead, much like its founder, Eric Baird, Baird Inc. hones in on potential, efficacy, and an attainable exit. In a banking environment that is increasingly conservative and restrictive, Eric Baird’s investment company offers sub-25 million revenue businesses a way to access funding and alter their trajectory.